Trucking Professionals Develop an Innovative App for Everyday Truckers

Long haul trucking is unglamorous work often punctuating with inefficiency and time waste due to archaic methods in the industry. Perhaps long overdue, a new innovation is coming to disrupt truck operation—HWY Pro. This mobile app aims to make the trucking life easier by making loading and dispatching a lot more efficient.

HWY Pro is developed by three men who have spent most of their adult lives in the trucking industry: Bill Busbice, Paul Svindland, and Harry Hover. The men used their collective experience in the trucking world to develop this app. The purpose of the app is to eliminate time-wasting obstacles to truck owners and operators. HWY Pro aims to dramatically increase the workload efficiency for truckers.

What Can Truckers Do with HWY Pro?

The traditional methodology that trackers use to take on load and plan out dispatches is messy at best. It involves making long phone calls to brokers, spending time booking round trip loads, and interacting with awkward platforms with too many queries to click on. HWY Pro eliminates all this with quick and simple functionality. Truckers can use the app to load and deliver a full haul in less than six taps. HWY Pro enables users to plan out the delivery of tens of thousands of loads in one go with efficient features like “load insight.”

HWY Pro offers truck owners a set of distinct advantages that eliminates paper use and time waste. Truckers will no longer have to spend hours invoicing when they have HWY Pro installed on their smartphones.

Truckers Can Use HWY Pro to Spend Time Doing Things They Really Want To

Truck owners and operators prefer to spend time driving loads to destinations. But in real life, most truckers have to spend hours going through Rolodexes of brokers, shippers, and other clients. While driving is considered the main duty of truck operators, most have to spend time at home calling people to set up hauls for the week.

And the life on the road is not easy either. Truck operators often have to spend hours at truck stops waiting for a full load to cover the fuel costs. It’s not uncommon for the operator to not know where the back haul comes from. This is all in addition to the paperwork involved with loading. HWY Pro is offering a solution to such frustrating tasks truckers have to put up with.

Designed for Ease and Convenience

Because the app is developed by three entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the trucking business, it directly addresses the needs of the operators. The app is designed to be highly user-friendly and requires no technical experience to use.

The app digitizes many tasks, such as calling and invoicing. Truck operators can plan long hauls directly from the app without needing to fill out a million forms. The app gives users load updates in real time so operators can make a claim without waiting. The app team includes freight specialists who can claim and secure loads on behalf of the trucker, thus saving, even more, time for truckers to do what’s most important: hanging out with family and friends. The HWY Pro team wants the drivers to “Just Drive”.

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