How This Veteran Entrepreneur Understood the Importance of Sleep

In the past, it was fashionable to lose sleep to work. Working most of the day and only sleeping 4 hours a night was something to boast about. But new research suggests that this habit could actually be detrimental to health. A recent study conducted at the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley, found that the shorter your sleep is, the shorter your life. Not only health, but research and everyday observances suggest that lack of sleep could be detrimental to the business as well.

Veteran entrepreneur Bill Busbice worked nearly a decade in an industry where getting enough sleep could mean the difference between life and death. Mr. Busbice co-owned a trucking company, where he became aware of the many problems truckers face. One major problem that has long plagued truckers is lack of sleep. Truckers falling asleep at the wheel is one of the main reasons for fatal road accidents involving trucks. Trucking is one sector where not getting enough sleep is nothing to joke or boast about.

There are many reasons why some truckers don’t get as much sleep as they require. Being on the road for weeks on a schedule is only one issue. Another is how time-consuming organizing loads can be. Truckers typically spend time at truck stops waiting for new loads. When truckers are not driving, they often have to make long phone calls to shippers. The main reason for such time-consuming work is the archaic system truckers still adhere to. Mr. Busbice recognized that truckers require a lot more time for rest.

His solution to the problem is HWY Pro, an app that makes organizing loads much more efficient, so truckers have more time on their hands to drive and rest. But the problem is too big for just an app to solve. The trucking sector shows how dangerous lack of sleep can actually be. Therefore, other professions should take lack of sleep as a serious issue. Research from McKinsey shows that there’s a strong correlation between leadership and getting enough sleep. Even good CEOs are unable to make good leadership decisions on a sleep-deprived brain.

It’s important that businesses understand how important sleep is overall to running a company, and being an effective employee. Solutions like HWY Pro make working, in this case as truckers, more efficient so owner-operators can add more hours for leisure time and rest. Companies should also recognize that adequate sleep is essential for employees to be productive. Some companies have already taken steps to have nap pods and nap times.

As more research on sleep becomes available, it’s becoming obvious that sleep is extremely important for both health and work. Sleep-deprived employees aren’t as alert or creative as ones who are working after a good night’s rest. Some solutions to this issue will be similar to the HWY Pro app, a tech aid that improves efficiency and wellbeing. In other cases, companies will have to first recognize that a serious problem exists.

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